This image is in black and white and shows the backs of 3 dancers on stage holding their hands up to the ceiling. They are wearing t shirts. The image is intentionally faded as it is in the background of the title text.

Moving Art Managements portfolio includes working with artists as part of our Associates programme, a wide range of Current Projects and our repertoire of Previous Work.



UK - Newcastle

Alicia Meehan

'When Saturn Returns'

UK - Teesside/Middlesbrough

Patricia Verity Suarez

'La Llorona'

UK - Newcastle/Gateshead

Rob Anderson

'Project Title TBC'



UK – North East

FRESH North East

SPAIN – Barcelona

IN-motus Co. 

UK - Newcastle

Rendez-Vous Dance

‘What Songs May Do’

UK – Newcastle/Lancaster

Ellen Hathaway Dance Company

‘Blue Lines’ & 'Project Odyssey'

UK – Newcastle/North

Hit The Ground Running Dance Theatre Company


UK – North East

North East Inclusive Dance Network - 

Development Coordinators

SPAIN - Barcelona


UK - Newcastle

Surface Area Dance Theatre & Rory Studio

‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours’

UK – Newcastle

Sunderland University and Dance City BA Hons Lecturing



UK - Newcastle

Surface Area Dance Theatre & Rory Studio

‘Where Our Roots Are Planted’

+ ‘Hand in Hand’

UK – North East

Wind and Foster & Moving Art Management

‘Moving Cities North East'

UK – Newcastle/North

Curious Arts Festival

UK - Newcastle

The Breathing Body by Moving Art Management

‘Fifth Sized Book Adventure'

UK – Newcastle

Moving Art Management & NEIDN

‘Think Inclusive'

UK - Leeds

Möbius Dance

Moving Art Management

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