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This image is in black and white and shows the backs of 3 dancers on stage holding their hands up to the ceiling. They are wearing t shirts. The image is intentionally faded as it is in the background of the title text.

Moving Art Management's portfolio includes working with artists as part of our Associates programme, a wide range of Current Projects and our repertoire of Previous Work.



UK - Newcastle

Alicia Meehan

This image is of dancer Alicia Meehan. She is wearing black Adidas trousers, a pink Adidas jacket, black shoes and orange socks. She is a young white woman with brown and blonde hair. The background is a derelict site with graffiti, overgrown weeds and a large puddle. Alicia is twisting towards the camera whist reaching to the right and kicking her leg to the left.

UK - Teesside/Middlesbrough

Patricia Verity Suarez


UK - Newcastle/Gateshead

Rob Anderson



UK – North East

FRESH North East

Black on White Logo.jpg
This is an image of Jamaal Burkmar's work from one of our fresh scratch platform events. 3 dancers are moving on a dark stage. In the centre a dancers holds her hands up to the sky and behind her is a bright light like a flame, which looks like she's holding it in her hands.

UK – London

The Romano Viazzani Ensemble
'London Tango'

London Tango - The Romano Viazzani Ensemble - LEAD IMAGE (2).png

UK – London / Hull

McNicol Ballet Collective


UK – North East

Payal Ramchandani
'The Forest Dream'


UK – Teesside

Lorraine Smith Arts

'You Can Take Me Home Toni'

Project announcement image_edited.jpg

UK - Newcastle

Rendez-Vous Dance

‘What songs may do...’

'The Monocle'

This image is of two male dancers. One dancer, wearing a navy blue shirt with rolled up sleeves and grey trousers is pressing the second dancer, who has long curly hair and is wearing a purple checkered short against a wall. The wall has green and gold tiles half way up the wall, and above it's painted grey.

UK – Newcastle

Southpaw Dance Company 


Southpaw Dance Company.png
Southpaw Image - Darren O'Kane.png

UK – North East

North East Inclusive Dance Network - 

Development Coordinators

This image shows a male dancer from the company Liberdade. He is holding his hands up in the air with his fists clenched as if in victory. He is wearing a blue t-shirt and grey jogging pants.

UK – North East

Changing Relations



UK – North East

University of Sunderland & Constance Humphries
'Blue Wave'

DSC_6242 (1).JPG

UK – North East

Creative UK Grant, in partnership with Rendez-Vous dance and Dance City



UK - Newcastle

Surface Area Dance Theatre & Rory Studio

‘Where Our Roots Are Planted’

+ ‘Hand in Hand’

This image is of a post show discussion in the foyer of the Dance City building in Newcastle. Choreographer Chisato Minamimura is leading the talk and she is standing in the centre with a semi circle of seats for the performers around her. A large audience is seated on the large steps at the back of the image.

UK – North East

Wind and Foster & Moving Art Management

‘Moving Cities North East'

This image is from our Moving Cities North East exhibition. It was taken on Frederick Street in Sunderland, and the background shows this street sign next to green writing of an old hair stylist with a green wooden hatch, but the paint in peeling, as is the cream wall paint. Tim is a 60 something year old wearing smart black trousers and a white shirt. Rosie is a young female dancer wearing black shorts and a baggy white shirt. Rosie is trying to jump away from Tim but has has grabbed her by the back of her shirt and is pulling her mid air towards him.

UK – Newcastle/Lancaster

Ellen Hathaway Dance Company

‘Blue Lines’ & 'Project Odyssey'

This image is of two dancers, Joe Delaney a male dancer wearing a long sleeved green t-shirt and long blue trousers. Katherine is wearing a blue shirt dress. The dancers are balancing with each other using only their shoulders for support. Both are looking towards the camera with their feet as far apart from each other as they dare.

UK - Newcastle

The Breathing Body by Moving Art Management

‘Fifth Sized Book Adventure'

This image has 9 squares, the top 3 are written descriptions of the exhibition work, and the bottom 6 images show the perspex boxes in situ on the library bookshelves. Inside each box is a brightly coloured object e.g straws, feathers, ping pong balls, pom poms and a wind catcher.

UK – Newcastle

Moving Art Management & NEIDN

‘Think Inclusive'

This image is of female dancer Becki Parker performing onstage with a white frame behind her and a red curtain to the right. She is reaching her arm out and pointing her toe forwards. She is wearing a white patterned dress with black leggings.

UK - Leeds

Möbius Dance

This image is of 4 dancers holding on to each other by their arms and shoulders. The dancer in the centre has short cirly blonde hair and she is wearing a grey jumper, the dancer to her left is wearing a red shirt and his hand is touching the arm of the dancer on the right who is wearing a brown shirt. The fourth dancer is just out of shot on the right. All dancers are looking down to the ground. In the back ground is a corrugated metal wall.

UK – Newcastle/North

Hit The Ground Running Dance Theatre Company


This image is of dancer Cora Jay Williams. It was taken on the wooden steps at the Staiths in Gateshead. Cora is leading on the banister with her leg pointed behind her in an arabesque position. A cream suitcase sits by her grounded foot. She is wearing a crimson red velvet dress which is long to her ankles and has long sleeves. She looks wistfully off into the distance.

UK - Newcastle

Surface Area Dance Theatre 

‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours’


SPAIN - Barcelona


Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 16.45.40.png
This image is of a large stage, taken from the wings so you can see across the stage from one side to the other. In the centre there are 20 or 30 students resting inbetween rehearsals. The town council logo is in the bottom left of the image, and the title of the work Mapa de Ball Carrers is top centre.

UK – Newcastle/North

Curious Arts Festival

This image is of Moving Art Management producer Hannah holding a speech bubble sign advertising the social media details for Curious Festival. The wall behind her is white, and she is wearing dark clothes and glasses. She is happy and smiling at the camera.

SPAIN – Barcelona

IN-motus Co. 

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 21.59.53.png
This image is of two male dancers performing outdoors on a stage in a town square in Spain. One dancer is bending forward and the second dancer is lying on their back with their feet up to the sky. There are lots of people standing and sitting watching them perform. The performers are wearing long cream coloured shorts and are not wearing t-shirts or shoes.

UK – Newcastle

Sunderland University and Dance City BA Hons Lecturing

This image is taken in a dance studio using the reflection of the mirros. A group of young dancers are jumping together so they are pictured in mid air with their knees close to their chests and their arms up above their heads. The floor is grey and there are large windows behind them.

UK – North East

'Made In The North East Commission' - Dance City & Esmeé Fairbairn

'Project Producer'

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 21.19.04.png

UK - Newcastle

Society of Strays

'Would You Adam and Eve It?' & 'Cycle'

SOS logo.png
Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 12.11.36.png
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